Kazakhstan innovators sent up to 600 developments to participate in EXPO-2017

Holding the International exhibition EXPO-2017 gave impetus to the green transformation of Kazakhstan’s economy. It was expressed by chairman of the board of the Public Chamber of Energy Efficiency and Resource Saving of Kazakhstan Yeldos Abakanov during the press-conference in the Government.
Astana city 13 October, 14:57

Yeldos Abakanov noted that the holding of EXPO-2017 gave impetus to the green transformation of Kazakhstan's economy, and the fundamental initiatives of Kazakhstan in this sphere, among which the Concept on the transition of the country to a green economy and “the Green Bridge” partnership program determined the development vector until 2050.

As informs, public organizations of Kazakhstan in recent years held a number of events and implemented many projects that reveal the theme of the exhibition "Future Energy". Only in 2017 the Public Chamber jointly with partners implemented about 20 projects in four main areas.

The first is the creation of demonstration areas of green economy for the accumulation and transfer of experience. One of the anchor projects in this direction was the creation of the first "green" village of Arnasay, where the best technologies and practices were introduced to ensure the comfort of the local population.

To date, the green infrastructure of the village of Arnasay includes a secondary school, the green technology center "Arnasay" and others.

The second direction is the support of domestic innovators and inventors. In the period from 2014 to 2016, the republican contest "Online EXPO-2017" was organized to identify and replicate innovative projects. As a result of the competition, more than 600 applications were submitted, Top-50 technologies were developed, and five solutions were ultimately displayed in the national pavilion "Nur Alem".

To ensure sustainability and further support of innovators by public organizations, the Commercialization Office was established to develop country's transfer capacity. Within the framework of the Office, scientists can get support, in terms of protecting intellectual property rights, technical expertise of projects, as well as their promotion.

The third direction is the involvement of youth in the theme of EXPO-2017. Such projects include the creation of the Green Camp Green Expo-Camp in Arnasay, with the aim of developing international, ecological, ethnographic and intellectual recreation and exchange of experience. Between June and August 2017, more than 1,000 children from all regions of the country took part in the work of the camp.

Also in the framework of the partnership between the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and UNDP, in January of this year, the Republican contest among the youth "My Green Kazakhstan" was launched. The main task of which was the involvement of young people in broad coverage of the implementation of the Concept on the transition of Kazakhstan to a green economy, the theme EXPO-2017, the promotion and application of green technologies and renewable energy sources.

Young people from 14 to 29 years took part in the competition. According to the conditions, the participants had to shoot a video about the use of green technologies or renewable energy sources used in a region, in an enterprise, in a farm or in everyday life. The contestants submitted about 200 videos, of which the commission selected 16 winners from all regions of the country.

The last direction is the institutional development of the Green Economy Concept. In this direction, work is constantly being done to improve the normative legal act, a register of green technologies has been developed.