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Kazakhstan and Russia to continue cooperation in religious sphere

During the visit to the Russian Federation, Minister of Religious Affairs and Civil Society of Kazakhstan Nurlan Yermekbayev met with Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation Ravil Gaynutdin.
Astana city 13 October, 12:46

According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society of Kazakhstan, during the conversation N. Yermekbayev spoke about the activities of the Ministry.

"State's strategic goal in the sphere of religion is the improvement of Kazakhstan’s model of interaction between the state and religion, which is based on the priorities of secular values ​​and zero tolerance for destructive religious trends", N. Yermekbayev stated.

At present, a number of international treaties on cooperation in the sphere of religion are in effect between Kazakhstan and Russia: a memorandum between Nur-Mubarak University and Moscow Islamic University, a memorandum between the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan (SAMK) and Moscow Islamic University, the Basic Forms Agreement on interaction and cooperation between SAMK and the Russian Islamic Institute.

According to the Minister, the signed agreements make an invaluable contribution to the spiritual development of citizens.

"The development of close cooperation in the field of regulation of the religious sphere, interaction and exchange of experience within the framework of protecting the population from destructive religious ideas, persuading those who have been subjected to the influence of foreign religious extremist organizations, and the development of an exchange of experience in the sphere of spiritual education will guarantee peace and harmony in our societies", N. Yermekbayev expressed his opinion.

The Kazakh side suggested holding joint events aimed at religious education of the population and strengthening inter-confessional accord, as well as exchanging experience on the preparation and retraining of imams.