State of the Nation Address

Complaints to prosecutor's office on actions and decisions of police decreased by 24%

During the Coordinating Council for the Rule of Law, Order of Justice and Combating Crime (hereinafter - the Council) General Prosecutor's Office discussed measures to further optimize and digitize criminal and administrative processes.
Astana city 13 October, 09:31

Opening the meeting, Prosecutor General Zhakip Assanov briefly focused on the advantages of pilot projects initiated by General Prosecutor's Office.

"People do not wait months for a decision concerning simple and obvious cases. Protection of human rights increased. There are fewer complaints. Resources were freed. Now investigators can focus on more important and complex cases. Our goal is a fast, convenient and transparent process for people", Zh. Assanov said.

Implementation of a joint project with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to optimize the criminal process has made it possible to shorten the time for investigation of obvious crimes from the moment of their registration to dispatching the case to the court on average from 1-2 months to 3-10 days.

After the successful approbation of the project in two police departments of Astana and Akmola region, all regions of the country has started working on a new format since July 1.

As of today, over 8.3 thousand cases have been completed in the pilot project with referral to the court, of which 28% were investigated from 1 to 3 days, 43% to 10 days.

As a result of a complaint to prosecutor's office, the actions and decisions of the police were reduced by 24% (from 34,000 to 26,000), and illegal methods of investigation by 44% (from 3,351 to 1,484).

In addition, the Committee of General Prosecutor's Office developed programs "E-criminal case" and "Single register of administrative productions" as part of President's Address on the development of digital technologies in the country.

According to General Prosecutor's Office, the inhabitants of the capital experienced a positive effect of the "Single register of administrative productions".