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Ancient settlement of Khankorgan will become an open-air museum

The ancient settlement of Khankorgan of South Kazakhstan region will become a open-air museum, in the near future archaeological excavations, restoration and nature protection works will be fully carried out. It was said by Governor of the region Zhanseit Tuimebayev during the meeting on the restoration of monuments of archeology, the history of the southern region in the Sairam district in the ancient settlement of Khankorgan.
South Kazakhstan region 12 October, 16:56

According to the Governor’s Office of South Kazakhstan region, the goal of the meeting is the development of archaeological and historical sites within the project "Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan", noted in the program article of the Head of State "The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience".

In the region, a large number of monuments of architecture and archeology are concentrated, which are of particular importance for the history and culture of our country.

"Today we have visited the site of the ancient settlement of Khankorgan and gathered here to discuss the implementation of the program article of the Head of State "The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience" in our region. In the region there are 1281 historical and cultural monuments of historical, cultural and scientific value. Among them there are 218 architectural and 1063 archaeological sites. It is necessary to carry out periodic archaeological research in these historic places", Zh. Tuimebayev said.

We nota that in order to develop local tourism and restore historical sites, the region develops a special program that will be implemented in stages. First of all, archaeological research and restoration work will begin in the mountains of Kazygurt, Ordabasy, in the medieval fortifications Otyrar, Oksus, Sauran, Siddak, Martobe, Khankorgan and in the ancient settlements of Zhuantobe, Karaspan and Kultobe. Also, restoration works will affect archaeological and architectural monuments - Koshkar-ata, Keruen sarai, mausoleum of Zhusupbek in the Suzak district and other historical sites.

Along with this, the meeting discussed the state of archaeological monuments of Turkestan.

Concluding the results of the meeting the Governor of the region gave specific instructions to the Heads of the relevant spheres on the restoration of historical monuments in the region.