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Monument to memory of internationalist soldiers opened within “Rukhani zhangyru” in Kievka

A monument to the memory of internationalist soldiers was opened in the village of Kievka, Karaganda region. The project was financed by entrepreneurs within the framework of the program "Rukhani zhangyru".
Astana city 12 October, 16:32

"The Afghan war will never be removed from the memory of Kazakhstanis, fathers and mothers who have lost their sons. All generations should honor their heroes - ordinary soldiers who suffered in the war", said Governor of the Nurinsk district Nikanbay Omarkhanov said at the opening ceremony of the monument.

As reported in the Governor’s Office of Karaganda region, 96 people from the Nurinsk district took part in the war in Afghanistan, four of them were killed.

The author of the monument is artist Igor Bagramov from Karaganda. The sculptural composition consists of two parts: the first is the bust of the soldier, the second is the symbolic mountain serpentine, through which the military caravans passed.