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Developers talked about absence of digraphs in new Kazakh alphabet

The developers talked about a new project of a single standard of the alphabet of an official language at the press-conference in the Central Communications Service.
Astana city12 October , 14:35

Director of the Republican Coordination and Methodological Center for the Development of Languages named after Sh.Shayakhmetov Yerbol Tleshov explained why most digraphs were removed from the draft of the Latin alphabet.

"We are used to writing one sound as one letter. When they offered two letters for one sound, for society it was not visually habitual. Most of them were against it. Now we had to switch to an apostrophe system, since the digraph system did not pass", he said.

Nevertheless, as the speaker noted, this is not the final version.

"We left two digraphs, there was also a proposal to give apostrophes only for vowels, and to give all consonants in digraphs. Then, in our opinion, the systematic character of the alphabet would be destroyed. We have words with apostrophes, and digraphs. In the Kazakh language, there are 500 thousand words in the vocabulary, as scientists say. Of this number of words, of course, there are digraphs and apostrophes. For example, in French, four or six letters are written, and only three letters are read. The Latin alphabet was not invented for the Kazakh language, because it is not our original alphabet", Yerbol Tleshov said.

In turn, the main scientific worker of the Institute of Linguistics named after A.Baytursynov, Doctor of Philology, Professor Alimkhan Zhunisbek explained why the letter W was removed, which was used in the first project as a short У .

"There is a sound in the Kazakh language - a short У, which is denoted by a W in the phonetic transcription. There is no sound in Russian, so we took the letter У and this sign introduced confusion in the application. This letter is a system-forming sound, has a morphological function. If we lose this sound, then the entire morphological system of the Kazakh language destroys. In the beginning, we tried to leave the sign of W, this variant did not pass", A. Zhunisbek explained.

Yerbol Tleshov also stressed that despite the similar sound of the Turkic languages, the grammar and structure of the letters of the Kazakh language are different.

"The Latin alphabet was first passed by Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, the autonomous education in Moldova Gagauzia, Cyprus - six countries before us. If we move, then we will be the seventh state, which will switch to the Latin script. The alphabets of all these countries do not resemble each other. Once Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan wanted a common alphabet, but they did not succeed, although the languages ​​are similar. For example, our alphabet cannot be the same with Nogai or Kyrgyz", Yerbol Tleshov said.

At the press-conference, the timing of the development of the orthographic dictionary was already announced on the Latin script.

"First, we need to specifically develop and only after the adoption of the alphabet will be created orthographic dictionary. There are enough specialists for this", the speakers assured.

We note that the last project of the Kazakh alphabet in Latin now consists of 32 letters. On October 9, the developers presented a new project to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.


Akbota Kuzekbay