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K.Musyrman: Transition to Latin alphabet is a historical decision

The transition to the Latin script, we must consider differently, work on it step-by-step and systematically. It was stated by Deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan Karibay Musyrman.
Astana city 12 October, 11:34

"Personally, I believe that the Resolution of the Head of State on the transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty to today's Astana was a wise and ingenious decision. The next important step for the whole people and the fate of the language is the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet. This is also a historical decision. However, in social networks, this issue is being discussed vigorously, since both the supporting Latin alphabet and those that are against the transition to the Latin alphabet have appeared. This is natural, since we live in a democratic society. At one time, when the President touched upon the issue of transferring the capital of Kazakhstan to the cold Astana, there were also those who were "for" and "against". Of course, then there was no Internet, no social networks, like today", the Mazhilisman said.

In addition, the Deputy also added that as for the transition to the Latin alphabet, Kazakhstan, along with fraternal Turkic-speaking countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, also intends to switch to the Latin alphabet in order to develop as quickly and effectively as possible among other States of the world. The transition to the Latin alphabet will help us to develop even further in the modern technological world and to enter the top thirty of the most developed countries of the world.

"Of course, we need to think over the issues of transition to the Latin script, to work on it step by step and systematically. It is known that on September 11 parliamentary hearings were held on this topic, which became the beginning of all discussions. At the same time, all the comments on this issue were considered and the best options are being developed now. It should be noted that the second version of the draft of the Latin alphabet, presented to the President, is the best and optimal. I hope that the developers and scientists will continue to work actively on this important issue and listen to the opinion of the people", Karibay Musyrman concluded.


Akbota Kuzekbay