Project on exploration and production of methane to continue in Karaganda rgn

The implementation of the project for the exploration and production of coalbed methane In Karaganda region will continue, the Governor’s Office of the region reports.
Karagandy 12 October, 10:13

Governor of the region Yerlan Koshanov got acquainted with the preliminary results of the project on exploration and production of methane from coal seams. In the Abai district on the Sherubay-Nurinsky site, geological work is being carried out, experimental wells are being developed. The gas has gone, and this is confirmed by torches burning in the steppe open spaces.

On the Sherubay-Nurinsky site, the project is implemented jointly by JSC "NC "SEC "Saryarka" and JSC "KazTransGas" with the involvement of local scientists. Here, 8 wells were drilled, 3 of which are exploratory - with core sampling, and 5 pilot-industrial ones.

"This is a very topical direction. Ten years ago, before us, there were problems of degassing of mines. Today we follow this path too. The most important thing is that pilot-industrial wells gave a positive result. But we need to continue research to study the permeability of the seams", Doctor of technical science, Professor Nikolai Drizhd said.

Specialists use the fracturing method on the site. This technology is most suitable for dense layers of the Karaganda coal basin. About 2 billion tenge was invested in exploration work.

The selected core was investigated in laboratories of the USA, China and Poland. The obtained data testify to the prospects of the site for industrial methane production.

According to the Sherubay-Nurinsky site, there is still a stock assessment. For this, the term of the contract, which has expired this year, has been extended for another two years. The cost of work at this stage will be determined based on the results of the design. Now there is a search for a potential investor.

Yerlan Koshanov emphasized the importance of the project for the region and for the country as a whole. The Governor of the region guaranteed his support in resolving issues at further stages.

It should be noted that Kazakhstan is among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of potential resources of methane from coal deposits. Upon the completion of exploration and evaluation work, procedures will be carried out for placing gas reserves on the state balance of minerals.

We note that the project for the exploration and production of coalbed methane in Karaganda region is implemented on behalf of the Head of State. The main goal is to protect miners' work. In addition, the successful implementation of the project will contribute to the creation of a new fuel and energy sector in the country.

Methane is an alternative energy carrier whose forecast reserves are highly valued. In the future, it can be used for gasification of Astana and Karaganda region.