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Trade network “AQMOL” to appear in Astana

Within the framework of the implementation of the instructions of the Head of the State of the Republic of Kazakhstan for further development of the program "Food belt around Astana", Akmola region intends to improve the accessibility of the products of region's producers by opening new outlets in the capital.
Akmola 12 October, 09:31

As reported in the regional Governor’s Office, the project, which provides accessibility of food, is conditionally divided into 2 stages.

"This year the food brands of Akmola region in Astana will be sold at three outlets. By 2018, there will be 10 of such wholesale and retail stores", Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC "SEC Esil" Kazbek Yeskendirov shared.

The first "AQMOL" market in Astana will appear on R.Koshkarbaev avenue, the opening of which is planned in the first ten days of November.

It should be noted that the area of each outlet varies from 200 to 500 square meters.

"For the timely filling of the shelves of stores with local food products, a wholesale distribution center will be created where consumers can buy fresh food without surcharges, one can say, immediately from enterprises", K. Yeskendirov added. To this end, the "Trade House "AQMOL" LLP was established, which included the ten largest commodity producers in the region. These are LLP "Agrofirm “Rodina", EC "Izhevskyi", "Astana Agro Product", "CAPITAL PROJECTS LTD", "Gormolzavod", "Trading House "Aina" and other enterprises that produce dairy and meat products under recognizable and loved brands

In the future, the list of commodity producers will be expanded. Creation of our own trading network will allow our producers to solve sales issues, and consumers will be able to buy always fresh and quality food at affordable prices, because the mediator is excluded.

According to Y. Yeskendirov, well-considered logistics is another significant advantage.