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WHO published Kazakhstan’s success story about decrease in maternal mortality

The World Health Organization (WHO) released the annual compilation "World Health Statistics in 2017: Health Monitoring for Sustainable Development", which collects data from 194 WHO member-countries. The focus of the compendium is the sustainable development goals (SDGs), defined by the UN for the whole world.
Astana city 11 October, 19:57

According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the first part of the publication describes six actions that are promoted by WHO to improve health systems and achievements of SDGs. The second part is devoted to the current status of reaching SDGs on the operational data of 2017. The third is the success stories of some countries in efforts to improve public health through WHO-recommended actions. The presented success stories reflect the range of measures taken to strengthen country's health system, which accelerates the implementation of reforms that preserve many lives.

SDGs 3.1 aims to eliminate preventable maternal mortality and the success of Kazakhstan is noted in this area.

Kazakhstan is one of the few countries that since 2011 has introduced specialized epidemiological surveillance, which is called "confidential audit of maternal mortality". According to the WHO, this allowed to improve the system of civil registration and statistics in Kazakhstan, and to introduce corrective measures for the reasons of errors that led to death. This methodology is based on the collection of data from multiple sources - a confidential survey of family members of a deceased woman, a survey of health professionals, a review of official statistics, population surveys, medical record data and death registration data.

The WHO notes that this audit in Kazakhstan affects not only officially registered maternal deaths, but also deaths of pregnant women, recorded as accidents or other causes. As a result, 8 of the 18 deaths were reclassified as maternal mortality for the period 2011-2013.

"As a result of confidential audit of maternal mortality in Kazakhstan, treatment protocols have been revised and systemic measures have been taken to improve the reliability of statistics and eliminate preventable death of mothers", the WHO publication notes.