Senate Committee viewed candidates of Supreme Court new judges

At the enlarged meeting of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies of the Senate, the candidatures of Gulmira Zhusupbekova and Askarzhan Kenzhegarin presented by the Head of State to the position of judges of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan were viewed. According to the results of the consideration of the decision, it was decided to submit their election to the meeting of the Chamber.
Astana city 11 October, 17:14

The draft laws on the ratification of the Kazakhstan-Saudi agreements in the legal sphere, signed in Riyadh on October 25, 2016 during the visit of President N. Nazarbayev to Saudi Arabia, were also discussed.

According to the Senate press-service, in particular, the draft law "On ratification of the Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on extradition". The sides to the Agreement undertake to extradite to each other wanted persons located in their territories for the purpose of criminal prosecution or the execution of a court verdict.

The norms of the document include a list of grounds for extradition and denying it. The draft law "On ratification of the Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the transfer of convicted persons" was also submitted to the Committee for consideration.

The document is aimed at establishing bilateral cooperation in the transfer of convicted persons with a view to promoting their rehabilitation and social reintegration, as well as creating opportunities for convicted persons to serve their sentences in their country. In accordance with the provisions of the Agreement, each side undertakes to immediately inform the other side about the valid sentences of the courts that provide for the punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty imposed on its territory against any citizen of the other side.

During the discussion, Senator Dulat Kustavletov drew attention to the fact that for the first time in the practice of contractual relations of Kazakhstan with foreign countries, ratified agreements are based on the norms of both Romance-German and Muslim law. According to the Deputy, Kazakhstan became the first country in the CIS, which concluded similar agreements with Saudi Arabia.

The graft laws will be submitted to the Senate for consideration.