President of Kazakhstan to be granted with “Order Isabella the Catholic”

Today, President of the RK Nursultan Nazarbayev will be granted with “the Order of Isabella the Catholic”. It was known from the message of chairman of the Congress of Deputies of Spain Ana Pastor during the opening ceremony of the National day of the Kingdom of Spain within the EXPO-2017.
Astana city 17 July, 12:54

“During 25 years Kazakhstan has reached a lot. I want to express my gratitude to President Nursultan Nazarbayev for the contribution, made in the development of bilateral relations between Spain and Kazakhstan. Thus, the work of the Head of State was highly appraised by the Government of Spain and today I will have an opportunity to grant the Order of Isabell the Catholic to N. Nazarbayev. In turn, it is a great honor for me”, Ana Poster said during the celebration of the Day of the Kingdom of Spain within the EXPO-2017.

The cultural programme of Spain continues by July 26.

We note that the Order of Isabella the Catholic (Orden de Isabel la Católica) – is a civil order of the Kingdom of Spain, which grants for the services to a state, was established by the Spanish King Ferdinand VII in March 14, 1815. The order can be granted to foreigners. In July 26, 1847, according to the King’s decree the order was reorganized to the honor for the civil merits and stated to carry the name “The order of Isabella the Catholic”.

Akbota Kuzekbay