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Applications to get grands by NGO increased by 3 times

The number of applications presented by the non-governmental organizations to get the state grand increased by 3 times. It was known during the press-conference in the central communication service.
Nur-Sultan 14 July, 09:58

According to the message of the website, the return of the applications to be refined decrease from 70% to 20%. A total number of the applications by 91 non-governmental organizations received by the civil initiatives support center comprised 118 in 2017.

“For experts, the quality of the applications is essential. First of all, the goals and tasks should be precise, the content should be clear, as well as the stability of the organizations is also important”, member of the expert commission Kazanat Auesbay said.

“Work of the expert commission was professionally organized. Some questions led to arguments, in such cases the projects were examined again to provide the transparency and objectiveness”, K. Auesbay said.

After the session of the expert commission, 14 state grands were presented to the non-governmental organizations.

The information about the grands is on the website of the civil initiatives support center, that is