Policy regarding water resources

Water consumption in Kazakhstan to increase by 56% to 25 bln cubic meters a year by 2040

According to the long-term forecast of experts, by 2040 the demand for water resources in Kazakhstan will increase by 56% to 25 billion cubic meters a year, Minister of Environment and Water Resources Nurlan Kapparov told a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the PM's official site reports.
Nur-Sultan24 December , 11:40

"By 2040, the demand for water or water consumption in Kazakhstan will increase by 56 percent and will reach 25 billion cubic meters per year, compared with the current 16 billion cubic meters," he said.

According to Kapparov, this forecast is modeled on the basis of population growth to 20.8 million people over the forecast period. 

In the industrial sector the growth in water consumption will be about 35% by 2040, which corresponds to the 4% growth of industrial production per year. The greatest growth in water consumption will occur in the field of extraction and processing of oil and gas, mining and electricity production.

In addition, in the field of agriculture it is planned to expand the area of regular irrigation to 2.1 million hectares by 2040, which will consequently increase water consumption by 1.6% per year.