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‘Nurly Zher’: Zhambyl rgn to build 922 residential houses

Within the housing construction program "Nurly Zher" Zhambyl region is planning to build 309 multi-apartments and 922 individual houses, the Regional Communications Service reported.
Zhambyl28 April , 13:47

Also, Taraz city has started the construction of individual houses. The area of ​​the land plot on which mass construction is planned is 362.2 hectares.

The citizens who are queuing for obtaining a land plot have the right to claim for individual houses.

"At the moment, the project of a new modern microdistrict has also been developed and presented to the leadership of the region. According to the idea of ​​the architects, it will be located at the entrance to the city and its area will be 100 hectares. The area of ​​construction will allow to build 355 thousand square meters of housing, this is 5 460 apartments in 49 houses. The district is designed for 15 600 people. Its infrastructure will include shopping and entertainment complexes, a wedding palace, two schools with 1200 seats in each and three preschool institutions for 250 places", the Regional Communications Service reported.

The constructed housing in the new microdistrict will be realized within the framework of the Housing Construction Program "Nurly Zher", as well as within the framework of the "My Home" program.