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Head of State noted importance of "New Humanitarian Knowledge" project

The "New Humanitarian Knowledge" project is of great importance for the formation of the consciousness of Kazakhstan's youth, President Nursultan Nazarbayev has said at the XXV session of the APK.
Nur-Sultan26 April , 17:41

"I want to clarify. It will be the best textbooks translated into the Kazakh and Russian languages. There are brilliant textbooks in the world on philosophy, on which we have not studied. We studied the Marxist-Leninist philosophy. And the philosophy begins with the ancient Athenian, Roman, Oriental philosophers", N. Nazarbayev has said.

The President of Kazakhstan has noted that the children of Kazakhstan need such textbooks.

"We need such textbooks for our children. Sociology is difficult to imagine. Probably, people of my generation did not see such textbooks at all. In economics - how to understand the changes in the economy in simple language. Culturology, oriental studies, psychology - we do not know them at all. In the West, they do not imagine how to work without psychologists, recruiting people, solving conflicts in the work collective. If we translate them from English, Spanish and other languages ​​and implement in our universities, I think we will do a great job to expand the consciousness of Kazakhstani citizens. I am sure that the inclusion of this scientific massif in the educational process will make the Kazakhstani whom I want to see", N. Nazarbayev has said.

Kairat Zhandybayev