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50K saplings were planted in WK

50 thousand saplings were planted in all areas of West Kazakhstan, the Governor’s Office reported.
West Kazakhstan25 April , 10:13

Only in a park area on the right bank were planted over 1 thousand trees during the action. In general in the region for this day the quantity of planted saplings constituted about 50 thousand - in all districts and several places of the regional center.

In the region there is a large-scale action "Guldene ber, tugan el!", the main purpose of which is patriotic and ecological education, improvement of the city. As a whole, 36 thousand inhabitants of the region took part in the action, about 8 thousand of them were young people.

By the way, about 60 000 saplings were planted in West Kazakhstan last year, 50 000 saplings of deciduous trees were planted this year. The Governor’s Office noted that this noble tradition of planting trees and landscaping will proceed further.