New type of state management

42.5K applications submitted by Kazakhstanis to receive state payments in April

Since the beginning of the month, Kazakhstanis have submitted 42.5 thousand applications for pension and social benefits to the Public Service Centers, Svetlana Zhakupova, the Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan, told the reporters at the Public Service Centers №1 of Yessil district of Astana.
Astana city 21 April, 19:12

S. Zhakupova reminded that since April 1, at the initiative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and with the support of the Ministry of Information and Communications in the Public Service Centers "State Corporation "Government for Citizens" has begun to provide separate sectors of social services to citizens.

"This is done in order to improve the quality of public services provided to the population and will allow to evenly distribute the flows of people who have applied to the PSCs. Since the opening of these sectors in the republic, employees of the PSCs have accepted documents for the assignment of pension and social benefits, including the appointment of a basic pension, survivor's benefits, disability, birth and childcare, funeral allowances, special allowances, etc., 42, 5 thousand citizens", S. Zhakupova said.

She also added that 272 workplaces for specialists of employment centers were set up to involve unemployed and unproductively self-employed citizens in active employment promotion measures in 237 PSCs of the republic. Thus, citizens can register as unemployed, get all the necessary information and become participants in the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship not only in 199 employment centers, but also in the PSCs.

"It should be noted that to obtain assistance in employment from the state, citizens must first determine their status, whether they are unemployed or unproductive self-employed. Our Ministry conducted a full reconciliation of the total population of the country, registered in the state database of individuals, with the information systems of all government agencies. Now in all regions, work is actively being carried out to clarify the status of citizens by means of a backstage detour. Unemployed citizens can register themselves at the employment center, the PSC (in the social services sector), the Mayor of the rural district by place of residence, at "Kazpost" branch or through the e-government portal", the Vice Minister informed.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the month, 464 persons have addressed to capital's PSCs on issues related to the search for work, of which 229 were issued directions for employment.