EXPO-2017 advert is shown on world TV channels (VIDEO)

Advertising of EXPO-2017 is broadcast on the TV channels such as Euronews, Discovery, CNN, CNBC, National Geographic, the audience of which covers the whole world. This was announced by Akhmetzhan Yessimov, the Chairman of the Board of "National company "Astana EXPO-2017" JSC during a meeting on preparations for the exhibition.
Astana city 21 April, 12:48

In addition, the outdoor advertising was presented on the central streets of the cities of Paris, Vienna, Seoul, Beijing, London and others.

"The result of this work was the inclusion of Kazakhstan for the first time in the top-52 rating recommended for visiting places in 2017, according to the authoritative edition of "The New York Times". Also much attention is paid to the promotion of the exhibition within the country", A. Yessimov noted.

According to the Chairman of the National Company "Astana EXPO-2017", the attention was focused on conducting effective work with the population at the local level.

"In the regions, this work has intensified. To date, 930 thousand tickets have been sold, the regions that are actively working are South Kazakhstan region, Karaganda region, West Kazakhstan region, Zhambyl region, Astana and Almaty cities. In addition, the tickets for the exhibition are realized in 44 countries of the world, an extensive cultural program is being prepared for the guests of the exhibition", A. Yessimov told the President of Kazakhstan.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan and Mayor’s Office of Astana together with the National Company adopted a tripartite comprehensive plan for holding the events.

"Now speak about working with sponsors. To date, the amount of sponsorship funds is 38.5 billion tenge, of which 22.8 - cash receipts, 15.7 - goods, services and works. The work on attracting sponsors and partners continues. In addition to the proceeds of sponsorship and ticket sales, the National Company began to earn on commercialization of the service, as well as on effective reimbursement of funds. Taking into account these revenues, considering all incomes and expenses of the National Company, it is planned to return 25 million tenge to the state budget", A. Yessimov said.

We remind that Astana is hosting a meeting on the preparation for the international specialized exhibition, as well as for the development of Astana under the chairmanship of Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev. Mayor of Astana Asset Issekeshev also reported to the President of Kazakhstan.

Akbota Kuzekbay

Video from the MFA RK