2 "green" projects implemented in Sairam

In Sairam district as a part of "Green Economy" program, 2 projects have been implemented to produce electricity from the river water and solar energy, the Governor’s Office of South Kazakhstan region reports.
South Kazakhstan region21 April , 15:47

"Aksu Energo" LLP sends realized electric power to "Ontustik Zharyk" company. The first project of the partnership is a hydroelectric power plant that takes electricity from Lake Aksu. The station, which produces 2.5 MW of electricity, was realized within the framework of "Business Roadmap-2020" program.

The second project is receiving electric power by means of the sun. For this purpose, in the area of ​​2.5 hectares, the entrepreneur has installed more than 4 000 batteries that will take the energy of the sun.

A device that collects solar panels in one place and sends electricity to a common transformer was brought from China.

Last year, a current of 987,166 MW was produced from solar energy. In general, the power plant produces electricity of 1 MW / h. This is enough to provide about 50 families with light.

Work on obtaining solar energy is carried out in summer, and the hydroelectric power station temporarily stops its activity in connection with watering works.

Recall, the main theme of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 is the development of the "green economy".