Contribution to global security

Kazakhstan delegation participates in the IAEA conference

The first international conference of the IAEA on nuclear safety assessment of the current situation and make recommendations for the future in the field of nuclear safety in Vienna, the press service of the Foreign Ministry reports.
World04 September , 00:00

At the opening of the conference , Director General of the Agency Yukiya Amano said that "the threat of nuclear terrorism is real and the global system of nuclear security requires strengthening in order to counter this threat ."

The adopted Ministerial Declaration states that, despite significant progress in strengthening nuclear safety in recent years, the need to do much to protect against the threat of nuclear terrorism and other illegal acts involving nuclear or radiological materials. The document states that the countries are responsible for ensuring nuclear safety, but international cooperation is particularly important in helping countries to meet this obligation.

The conference has been attended by a delegation of Kazakhstan. In his speech, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Ambassador at Large Barlybay Sadykov emphasized that an important condition for achieving nuclear safety is general and complete nuclear disarmament, strengthening the international non-proliferation regime, strengthening and implementation of the legislative framework governing the activities in the field of nuclear safety. He also pointed out that to achieve this goal Kazakhstan initiated the adoption of the UN Universal Declaration of a Nuclear-Free World, the adoption within a zone free of nuclear weapons in Central Asia, the Agreement on cooperation in combating illicit trafficking of nuclear materials and nuclear terrorism.

The conference lasted until July 5 . The event was attended by delegations from 123 countries, representatives of international and non-governmental organizations.