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In Kazakhstan registration network of thunderstorm activity is under development

Institute of Space Technique and Technology of JSC "National Center of Space Research and Technology" Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of Defense and the Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan has been developing a system of storm direction measurement for the study of atmospheric-lithospheric communications, the Ministry reports.
Kazakhstan18 March , 16:04

This system is the network of 8 stations located in the southeast of Kazakhstan, for recording electromagnetic perturbations in an automatic mode.

It should be noted that the stations of this system are located at distance of 100-200 km from each other, the equipment of the stations consists of 2 antennas (magnetic and electrical) for registration of perturbations, GPS-antenna and controller for transmitting information on registered lightning to the central server of Institute of Space Technique and Technology by means of mobile communication.

Information on each lightning discharge, its location and time which occurred in a radius up to 1 000 kilometers is the result of system operation.

It is noted that the users of such information can be meteorological services, services of reaction of emergency, research institutes, civil aviation, operators of electrical networks, oil and gas extraction and exploration enterprises.

At the end of 2017 commissioning of the developed System and provision of quick access to data on storm activity in the southeast of Kazakhstan to all interested enterprises and services of the country is planned.