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Tactical and special exercises held at landfills of Armed Forces of Kazakhstan (PHOTO)

In the regional command "East" - at the combined range "Shygys", in the regional command "West" – tactical and special exercises are held at the "Kadrabot" training ground, the defense ministry of Kazakhstan reported.
Kazakhstan 18 March, 19:02

The exercises envisage the development of questions on bringing the military units into the combat readiness, the deployment of personnel to the assigned area and the equipment of the field camp, conducting reconnaissance and combat operations using specialized military equipment, and the withdrawal of forces and equipment to the area of ​​accomplishment of tasks.

Under the scenario, the units are moved to a settlement, where a number of objects were seized by illegal armed formations. Soldiers block the building, organize checkpoints, conduct an assault and liquidate militants.

In the course of the combat missions, special armored vehicles "Arlan" were introduced for special use for the first time.

The exercises are conducted in cooperation with the units of the Border Guard Service of the National Security Committee, the National Guard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and local executive bodies.