Single basic textbook for 2nd grade is approved in Kazakhstan

Republican and subject commissions have selected a single basic textbook for the 2nd grade, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Elmira Sukhanberdiyeva at a press conference in CCS.
Nur-Sultan17 March , 16:39

"1010 titles of educational literature for the level of preschool education and training, textbooks and educational and methodical complexes for the 2nd, 5th and 7th grades, educational literature for special schools, additional literature, as well as educational publications on electronic media were submitted for consideration of the subject commissions. Including the commission examined 197 textbooks: for the 2nd grade – 62, the 5th – 63, and the 7th – 72", - E. Sukhanberdiyeva declaimed.

According to her, on the basis of the recommendations of the subject commissions, a review of the educational literature took place at the meeting of the Republican Commission.

"As a result, the Republican and subject commissions had selected unified basic textbooks for the 2nd grade, alternative textbooks and academic and methodological complex for grades 5 and 7, educational books for pre-school education and special schools and other additional literature", - the Vice-Minister noted.

Besides that, the meeting participants made specific proposals for further improvement of the development, examination and selection of educational literature.

Recall, from 6 to 13 March on the basis of Eurasian National University named after L. Gumilyov, the work of the subject commissions had been carried out. The commission included 126 highly qualified specialists in the field of education, deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, and representatives of non-governmental organizations.