3.5K cultural events to be held at EXPO-2017 (PHOTO)

3500 cultural and sporting events are planned to be held at EXPO-2017, Director of the Department of Culture and Arts Almaz Nurazkhan said during a briefing in the CCS.
Nur-Sultan 15 February, 16:54

On behalf of the Head of State of Kazakhstan the Ministry of Culture and Sports together with "NC "Astana EXPO-2017" JSC and Mayor’s Office of Astana city developed a comprehensive program of entertainment and sports activities of the International specialized exhibition" EXPO-2017 ".

"The program provides holding of about 3500 cultural and sporting events of different genre focus with leading local and foreign art groups, artists", A. Nurazkhan stated.

According to him, the cultural program of EXPO-2017 provides a broad demonstration of the achievements of culture and art of multinational people of Kazakhstan.

"Kazakhstan’s national idea "Mangilik El", proclaimed by the President, the development of independent Kazakhstan, Astana prosperity - all this will be demonstrated through the cultural events during 93 days at the exhibition, as well as on all the venues of the city of Astana", the speaker added.

Kairat Zhandybayev

Photo by Abzal Kaliyev