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Armed Forces checked parachute systems at night time

Soldiers of the Parachute Center of Training of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan for the first time worked out the parachute dropping exercise on unprepared ground landing at night in the winter, the Ministry of Defense reports.
Kazakhstan 26 January, 20:41

Performing jumps, the soldiers for the first time used modern parachute systems for special purposes "Insider-300 SF" and "Alfa-Axiom", the delivery of which was carried out in autumn 2016.

"Implementation of these exercises allows to learn and master the modern samples of parachute equipment, to focus efforts on the qualitative performance of parachute training programs to raise the level of training personnel and continue to support in the high combat readiness", - Head of the Center of parachute training of the Armed Forces Lieutenant Colonel Leonid Dudkin said.

In the course of jumps the center worked out the self-designation of wind direction in the surface layer using special beacons discharged.