2 new power plants in Shymkent to provide electricity to 80K people

Shymkent has started the construction of 2 power plants that will provide electricity to 80 thousand people, head of the energy department of housing and communal services of South Kazakhstan Margulan Marayim said.
South Kazakhstan region19 January , 11:56

In order to provide the population with electricity in 2016 the regional budget allocated 5.534 billion tenge and started the construction of 22 new objects. As a result, 585.8 km of transmission line were constructed, 233 technical units, 72 thousand people are provided with high-quality and stable electricity.

"In order to ensure the quality of power supply to 350 thousand population and social facilities the "Bozaryk" substation - 220 kV in the amount of 6.7 billion tenge is being built in the northern part of Shymkent. Also, the construction of 2 substations "Astana - 1.2" - 2016 and 110 kV in Shymkent started. In the future it will provide electricity to 80 thousand people", - said the head of the department.

In addition, "Ontustik Zharyk Transit" LLP reconstructed 610.9 km of power lines and 108 units in sets in the amount of 4.86 billion tenge. As a result, deterioration of electrical networks reduced from 57.5% to 55%.

At the same time, in 2017, in order to provide the population with quality and stable power, it is planned to construct 38 objects, to install 982, 64 km of power lines and 396 units, and 74 thousand people will be provided with quality electricity.