Eurasian Union

EEC adopted recommendation for development of industrial parks and clusters

The members of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) adopted a recommendation "On the propagation of best practices, the establishment and operation of objects of industrial and innovation infrastructure of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)".
World28 December , 20:19

"The Union's countries created several hundred objects of industrial and innovation infrastructure clusters, technology parks, industrial parks, economic zones, innovation centers, business incubators, etc. They have proved as effective tools in the "horizontal" support for industrial and innovative companies ", - stated the EEC report.

However, the national legal framework regulating the activity of objects of industrial and innovation infrastructure, has no uniform standards, terminology and criteria for the infrastructure. This leads to unequal conditions in the economic activity in the Union countries, creating the preconditions for unfair competition.

The recommendation provides the phased work with access to common standards and a system of voluntary certification of the establishment and functioning of the EAEU in infrastructure.

The adopted document also included the information about the details of such infrastructure facilities, the conditions of their work. 

Implementation of this document will improve the efficiency of infrastructure facilities, public support mechanisms to align their operations, will help to create an attractive environment for investors.

The Member States of the Union created more than 1,150 different objects of industrial and innovation infrastructure in the field of industry and innovation, including 50 free economic zones, 100 industrial parks, 100 different clusters and development zones, 200 industrial parks, 300 business incubators, 400 development centers science and innovation.