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Caspian rgn - center of attraction of inter'l transit - KTZ

Caspian becomes the center of attraction for international transit, vice-president of "NC "KTZ" JSC Sanzhar Yelyubayev said at the panel discussion "Caspian transit. Combining four corners of the Earth" of the Railway Business Forum "Strategic Partnership 1520: Caspian region" in Baku, attended by the delegation of "NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" JSC.
World25 November , 19:14

"The optimization of transcontinental transport for international trade between the major markets of the Eurasian continent is one of the priorities. At the same time, the Caspian Sea is the link of international transport corridors in East-West and North-South cooperation. It also plays an important role in the system of transcontinental relations", - said Sanzhar Yelyubayev.

Vice President of the Company told on measures of "NC "KTZ" JSC measures to develop Caspian infrastructure and the fleet, institutional development of the Trans-Caspian corridor in partnership with all members of the route.

The Coordinating Committee for the development of the Trans-Caspian international transport route has conducted a considerable work - the technology of interaction between participants, unified pricing policy and a consistent level through tariff rates, the organization Nomad Express container service.

"We are ready to provide a full range of services for the carriage of goods in organized container trains from China to Turkey towards the EU and the countries of the Trans-Caspian route in the most shortest terms 12 - 16 days", - said S. Yelyubayev.
The business forum "Strategic Partnership 1520: Caspian region" was attended by representatives of the national railway companies and major multi-modal hubs Eurasian countries, leading transport, logistics and engineering companies.