K.Aituganov: Over 9 months volume of gross agricultural output grew by almost 5%

The volume of gross agricultural output over 9 months increased by 4.9%. This was announced by First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Kairat Aituganov at the Government meeting.
Nur-Sultan25 October , 11:43

"The volume of gross agricultural output over 9 months increased by 4.9%",  - said Deputy Minister.

The growth was achieved due to increasing crop production by 7% and livestock products - by 2.5%. At the same time the growth of manufacture of agricultural production observed in 13 regions except Mangistau region, where there is a decline of 12, 3%. The greatest growth is noted in Akmola oblast - 13.1%, Kostanay - 7.9%, and West Kazakhstan - 6.8%.

At the same time, there has been a substantial increase in investment in fixed capital in agriculture by 50.9%, that amounts 191 billion tenge.

"The growth of investments in agriculture fixed capital is related to the introduction of new projects in the regions within the framework of the Industrialization Map", - he stressed.

In addition K. Aituganov reported that the livestock industry has  an increase in the number of animals on average by 1.1%, meat production growth was 3.2%, milk - 3.3%, eggs - 0.3%

Indira Kaumetova