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Bin: Flow of Chinese tourists to Kazakhstan grows annually by 13.6%

Every year the number of tourists from China to Kazakhstan is increased by approximately 13.6%, special representative of the Chinese tourism affairs of the government, president of the Chinese Academy of Tourism Dai Bing has said during the Kazakh-Chinese Forum in Astana.
Nur-Sultan28 September , 13:36

"Kazakhstan is a country unfamiliar to most Chinese. There is a steady but slow increase in the number of tourists. As for the visitors from China to Kazakhstan, there is a steady growth. Every year the flow of tourists is increased by approximately 13.6%. In the first half this year, the number of Kazakh tourists to China fell slightly. Given the rapidly growing market for outbound travel in China, and the strengthening of the Kazakh-Chinese relations, the current state of cooperation between two countries in the tourism sector is far from meeting the expectations of the Governments and administrative departments of tourism and travel agencies of our countries", he has said.

Referring to the current situation, the President of the Chinese Academy of Tourism has stressed that the relations between China and Kazakhstan has not yet reached the desired stage.