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Sidibe: Kazakhstan has every opportunity to stop AIDS by 2030

Kazakhstan has every opportunity to stop AIDS by 2030, executive director of the UNAIDS Michel Sidibe shared with
Nur-Sultan29 June , 13:02

"We have broken the "backbone", in particular, the human immunodeficiency virus. Now there are only 22 thousand people in Kazakhstan who are infected with HIV, and this figure is reduced. We have 7-8 thousand people who take medication. I think this is a very good promise, in this regard there is a very productive activity", M. Sidibe said.

According to him, currently there are very good changes in the CIS countries, particularly in Kazakhstan.

"The message is very impressive on the part of the preventive measures that we have in the fight against HIV. There are good results in Armenia, Belarus, where the infection rate has been dropped at times. And this is a very good indicator", he continued.

M. Sidibe noted that the United Nations Programme on AIDS at the General Assembly has set the task that has been taken by all of the states – to stop AIDS by 2030 worldwide. Kazakhstan has all the capabilities to do it much earlier.

"I think they will be able to achieve this potential, that is, for it Kazakhstan has all the features, tools, relevant knowledge, relevant information to prevent the epidemic. In this case, we have a new initiative in the first place, we need all of this to speed up", M. Sidib said.

In general, according to him, by 2030, there is every possibility that all the Central Asian countries will achieve the same level. In this regard, according to expert, we need to pay more attention to solving the problem of disease transmission through injecting drug use. According to statistics, in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia - 51% of cases occurs in people with HIV infection who inject drugs.

Indira Kaumetova