Protection of motherhood

Kazakhstan recognized as best country for motherhood in Central Asia

Kazakhstan is recognized as the best country for motherhood among the countries of Central Asia, the report of Save the Children, international humanitarian organization said.
World06 August , 00:00

According to the report, Kazakhstan ranked 65 among 176 countries of the world.
Turkmenistan becomes the second country in Central Asia with favorable conditions for motherhood, finishing 99th position in the list.

Kyrgyzstan is the 104th, Uzbekistan is on the 105th place ranking. According to the research, done by Save the Children, the maternal mortality rate in the country in 2010 amounted to one case per two thousand women, and infant mortality in 2011 is 11.9 per thousand for children under 5 years. 
The leaders of the ranking in 2013 have become Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. In addition, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Australia are also included in the top ten.
Ten outsiders are traditionally the poorest countries in Africa, including Chad, Nigeria, Gambia, Central African Republic, Niger, Mali. The last three places went to Sierra Leone, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The main causes of infant mortality in these countries, experts have called infection and premature birth of health problems because of the mother.
The USA is on the 30th place, while, according to the study, the United States is leading among the industrialized countries in terms of infant mortality in the first day of life.
Britain is on the 23th place, France – the 16th, Russia -the 59th place.
The study was conducted in 176 countries around the world. The rankings take into account the following five factors: risk of maternal mortality, mortality of children under the age of 5 years, the level of women's education, the gross national income, the participation of women in the political life of the country.
The data for the period from 2010 to 2013 has been analyzed in the study.