Belarus approved National Coordinator to prepare for EXPO 2017

Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Belarus Yergali Bulegenov met with First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vasily Matyushevsky, the press service of the Ministru of Foreign Affairs reports.
World 24 July, 14:32

The sides exchanged views on the prospects of further development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation within the CIS and EAEU. They also discussed the upcoming events with bilateral participation of heads of governments in Belarus and the Next 12th Session of the Kazakh-Belarusian Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Ye.Bulegenov briefed on the most relevant current events in political, social and economic life of the country, including the results of the Astana Economic Forum, the V Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions, as well as the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan People's Assembly, and 550th Anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate.

Kazakh Ambassador told about the National Plan - "100 concrete steps", which requires a full-scale transformation of modern Kazakhstan and preparations for the international exhibition EXPO-2017. He also thanked the Belarusian side for the support in the event.

First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus noted the success of Kazakhstan in the international arena and the prominent role of President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the formation and development of a confident country. He also said that the Belarusian side approved the National Coordinator of Belarus to prepare for EXPO 2017, First Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksander Mikhnevich.