Parents get psychological aid to prepare teenagers for UNT

Family Parenting Institute (FPI), with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science and the party "Nur Otan" will hold a single republican parent conference "Psychological assistance to parents in the preparation of a teenager to UNT" in May 2015, the MES reports.
Kazakhstan30 April , 11:23

There are 1,000 educational psychologists, graduates of retraining programs in family education who will work with parents of urban, regional and rural schools. The heads of state educational institutions, representatives of the party "Nur Otan", deputy directors of school on educational work, class teachers, school health workers, school psychologists will attend this event.

As the department noted, the psychologists will discuss full range of unconstructive patterns of parental behavior in preparation for the UNT. Parents will be offered techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, improve stress resistance teenagers. Psychologists will give advices how to help your child to create a positive attitude, how to explain the most effective methods of time-management.

According to the information, the first meeting was held in May 2014. The meeting took place in 16 cities of the country; it was attended by more than 31 thousand parents.