A.Vyborny: Election of President of Kazakhstan is genuine, fair, open and transparent

High voting turnout in snap election of the President of Kazakhstan was noted by observers from Russia.
Nur-Sultan27 April , 11:18

"The group of observers from the Parliamentary Assembly of the CSTO PA quits. The snap elections of the President of Kazakhstan are genuine, fair, open and transparent. The people of Kazakhstan expressed their will clearly, by secret ballot. The election was held in accordance with the national legislation of Kazakhstan suffrage, which is consistent with international law", member of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption, coordinator of the group of observers from the CSTO PA Anatoly Vyborny has said at the briefing in the CEC.

According to the observer, the mood of Kazakhstanis during the elections was festive.

"We have noticed that at 11 am on April 26, one third of the population voted in favor of the candidate for President of Kazakhstan, at 14 pm 68.48% expressed their will, the result for today - more than 90% of the population came to the polls. It is an indicator of high civic responsibility of each citizen of Kazakhstan. It suggests that the people of Kazakhstan have high legal culture. It is worth noting that the voters do not vote under pressure, but by inner convictions", A.Vyborny summed up.

In general, according to the observers, serious violations during the early elections of the President of Kazakhstan are not noticed.

Botagoz Aytzhanova