95.11% unprecedented high voter turnout becomes history

According to the CEC, the current presidential elections for the first time in history were attended by an unprecedented high number of voters - 95.11%, Kazinform reports.
Nur-Sultan26 April , 22:38

International observers and Kazakh experts have noted the highest turnout which is going to become a history.

Today we can characterize the level of participation in the elections of the President of Kazakhstan citizens as sensational: people came to the polling stations early in the morning, together with families and labor collectives.

All of this suggests an unprecedented electoral activity and the sensational high turnout.

There was an atmosphere of the national holiday thanks to fairs and concerts.

10,000 domestic and more than 1,000 foreign observers and organizations inspected the election campaign. They also said about the highest level of the organization of elections, which they estimated as an example of a transparent, open and fair election, that correspond to all international standards.

First of all, it shows the patriotism of peoples of Kazakhstan, then political consciousness of citizens, their high electoral culture, and the unity.

All media in Kazakhstan, including the Internet and social networks, wrote about the elections as about the topic event since the morning until late night.

More than 200 foreign journalists from 37 countries cover elections of the Kazakhstan's President.