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Spring call for military service to begin on 1 April 2015 in Kazakhstan

The spring call of citizens for military service in accordance with the Law "On military service and the status of military men" will be started since April 1, 2015, head of the Department of recruitment - Deputy head of the Department of organizational-mobilization work of the General Staff of Kazakhstan Amantay Oserbayev said in the CCS.
Nur-Sultan26 March , 15:44

"Regular army conscription campaign will be started since April 1. In 2015, according to the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan 29 thousand people shall be subject to call. 12 thousand people of them will be called in the spring, from April to June", A. Oserbayev said.

"Draft committees and medical commission have been created. All draft committees are provided with all necessary equipment and relevant specialists", he continued.

"It is planned to call about 4 thousand conscripts in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, the rest will be sent to the military units of the State Security Service of Kazakhstan, the National Guard of Kazakhstan and the Border Service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan", the message reads.

Indira Kaumetova