Modernization of the agricultural sector

Nursultan Nazarbayev familiarizes with harvesting campaign in the North Kazakhstan region

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev familiarized with harvesting in the North Kazakhstan region.
North Kazakhstan28 August , 00:00

During acquaintance with a course of harvesting works Nursultan Nazarbayev visited lands of farms of the Aiyrtau area, where he visited agricultural grounds of oil-bearing and wheaten crops, and also met agricultural producers of the region, in particular, with representatives of livestock Mambetov & K LLP, and also with Zagradovskoye LLP. 

Also region’s mayor Samat Eskendirov reported to the country’s leader. As mayor noted, "this year our grain wedge made 3.6 million hectares. For increase of the standard of farming new resource-saving technologies of cultivation of grain crops are mastered on the area ofmore than 3,5 million hectares".

According to the mayor, the sum of payments from the budget increased by 27% on subsidizing of production of plant growing and animal husbandry and made nearly 10 billion tenge. For crop preservation by agro formations 690 thousand hectares, from them 313 thousand hectares are processed against diseases. As a whole, chemical weeding is carried out on 3.6 million hectares. Growth of investments considerably affected increase in volumes of gross output of agriculture which made nearly 30 billion tenge with real growth by the corresponding period of last year for 7%.