International integration

Kazakhstan sets out to deep trade-economic cooperation with Tatarstan

The first meeting of the Kazakh-Tatarstan working group on trade-economic cooperation held in Astana.
Nur-Sultan29 January , 09:05

Minister of National Economy Yerbolat Dossayev stressed Kazakhstan and Russia are strategic partners and historical alliance. "We have long and fruitful trade-economic relations. Kazakhstan has established cooperation with almost every subject of the Russian Federation, the cooperation with Tatarstan is of paramount importance,” he said.

Mr. Dossayev noted the trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Tatarstan takes only 3-4% of the volume of trade with Russia.

“It should be increased. Terms and conditions of the current global crisis demand increase in cooperation, especially in the field of investment, agriculture, science and technology,”  Dossaev assured.

"The deepening of mutual integration between Kazakhstan and Russia greatly expands Kazakh-Tatarstan relationship. We have use these opportunities for the development of trade and economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Tatarstan,” the head of the Ministry informed.

In turn, the Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Zaripov announced Tatarstan is interested in deepening trade-economic relations in engineering, fuel and energy complex, transport and urban water supply.

According to the authority, Mr. Zaripov praised the work of the Kazakh company AstanaSolar on solar panels production.