Network of ground stations for providing quality coordinate and time service deployed in Kazakhstan

A network of ground stations for providing the quality coordinate and time service has been deployed in Kazakhstan, Kazkosmos reported.
Kazakhstan29 January , 17:36

The following basic elements of high-precision satellite navigation have been commissioned by the order of the Chairman of the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan from January 26, 2015:

- network of differential stations, established on the territory of all regions of Kazakhstan;

- center of differential correction and monitoring;

- laboratory for conformity assessment of satellite navigation;

- local marine differential station (Bautino village, the coast of the Caspian Sea).

According to the Ministry, the above-mentioned functional elements will allow to provide the guaranteed and qualitative coordinate and time and navigation services to the consumers of information of global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS) in order to improve the accuracy of determining the coordinates of cadastral and land survey work, land works, construction works, precision agriculture, engineering and applied research, and others.

The users of the services are the Ministry of Defence, the National Security Committee, the Ministry of National Economy, the Ministry of Investment and Development, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, local executive bodies, public and private organizations, and others.