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Photogallery of war veterans to be created in military units of AF RK (PHOTO)

"Memory is eternal" action is started in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan. This event will bring together several generations of Kazakhstan - those who had seen firsthand the horrors of the war and those who know about the events only through the stories of the elders.
Kazakhstan 28 January, 16:05

In the year of the 70th anniversary of the Victory the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan will be created the photogallery, which will depict the military men of the regional commands of the AF and their relatives veterans of the Great Patriotic War. These photos will be posted on a special banner, which will be installed in military units, the Ministry of Defence informed.

"There you can see the photographs of dead on the front, the veterans who left after the war and now live. The photos of the veterans can be color or black and white, taken during the period from 1930s to the present day", the message reads.

The banner with pictures will be like a photogallery of the veterans and current military personnel, issued in the form of a mosaic. The first and surname of a veteran and soldier will be placed under each photo.

After the creation the banner will be awarded in Astana during the ceremony of floral offerings at the Eternal Flame.