State Program Information Kazakhstan 2020

System of electronic proceedings introduced in Kazakhstan

Introduction of the innovative technologies in practice of the judiciary is one of the main aims, head of the Department on ensuring the operation of the courts at the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan Ilyas Ispanov said during the briefing.
Nur-Sultan28 January , 13:37

"The introduction of the new technologies allows optimizing the time and costs of the proceedings. At present, such projects as "Judicial office", which gives to the citizens the access to a single window of judicial documents; "Familiarization with the court documents"; the system of audio video fixation trials; hybrid e-mail; SMS and e-mailing messages have been already implemented in the work", Ilyas Ispanov said.

For example, during one year more than 3 million text messages and e-mails were sent to the trial participants. This innovation will significantly reduce the use of custom cables and save 128 million tenge of the budget.