New type of state management

Kazakh courts apply new Criminal Procedure and Criminal Executive Codes

Since 2015 the courts of Kazakhstan have begun to apply the new Criminal Procedure and Criminal Executive Codes, which contain completely new institutions and norms, judge of the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan Moryak Shegenov said in the CCS.
Nur-Sultan28 January , 12:57

"It is predicted that the new rule will significantly affect the achievement of the aims required by the population. Today’s, all preparatory steps on the part of the judiciary have been implemented. The courts are willing to work under the new laws", the judge assured.

In addition, M. Shegenov noted that on January 23 at the enlarged meeting with participation of the representatives of various government agencies the Supreme Court has announced eight key priorities that will improve the effectiveness of anti-corruption preventive measures.

According to Shegenov, this year the quality of corruption crimes investigation investigations will be developed intensely.

"We have identified the structural measures on improving the judicial practice of investigation and consideration of corruption crimes, including further improvement of the legislation in the sphere of anti-corruption", the judge concluded.

Indira Kaumetova