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Number of convicted juveniles decreased by 36% in Kazakhstan

Judge of the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan Moryak Shegenov took part in the CCS press conference on the results of the work of the judicial branch in 2014.
Nur-Sultan28 January , 11:38

Speaking at the meeting, M. Shegenov noted the positive trend in number of convicted juveniles.  Thus, their number decreased by 36%, and the number of convicted to imprisonment reduced twice.

However, according to the judge, the number of both of convicted and acquitted persons decreased. The figures of 2014 as follows: 25 079 –convicted, 458 - acquitted. By the way 38.6 % of the total number convicted to imprisonment.

"The justice administration quality has improved. It is documented  by the decrease in the absolute and relative performance in comparison to last year,” the judge of the  Supreme Court assured.

Indira Kaumetova