Human capital

Orphans from Atyrau region enjoyed Italian longs

12 orphans from Atyrau region were sent to long vacations in Italy.
Atyrau28 January , 10:37

Last year two schools, kindergartens in Zhumysker, Kokarna  settlements , Nursaya district for 280 seats each  commissioned in the Atyrau region.

According to data of the internal policy department, eight kindergartens and five schools were assisted in repair of boiler system,
refectory equipment purchase  and etc. The llocal budget  allocated  funds for  design and estimate documents designing  for  capital  repair of 11 schools and two kindergartens.

Material and technical base of schools improves annually.  Effective usage of high information technologies is in focus. The schools provided for special devices and equipment including multimedia classrooms, interactive blackboards.

Number of students provided for hot meals is 45 658 people. It is 103 percent compared with 2013 year. 136 physically challenged students studying at home  got  62 computers and learning materials.  32 500 students (76.4 percent of the total number) covered  by measures  on health improvement, leisure time management and employment. 56 children were sent to  summer camp  of Zheleznovodsk. 12 orphans  enjoyed Italian longs  and 45 children visited Almaty  city.