Development of infrastructure

9 greenhouses built in Atyrau last year

Agriculture production volume for 2014 year was 8822.4 million tenge including livestock products - 1.671 billion tenge (103.3%), crop production - 5820 million tenge (100%), services - 165 million tenge (100%), the Governor’s office of Atyrau region reports.
Atyrau28 January , 20:07

Index of physical volume of agricultural production was 100.3%. Livestock population on all categories  as followings: cattle - 4985 heads, sheep and goats - 3612 heads, horses - 1031 head, camels heads -1339.

Besides, the tonnage of fish caught from the Caspian Sea was 4064 tons, from  Ural River -3158 tons.

It should be noted sturgeons fish farms operate in Atyrau for the purpose of protection of fish stocks and increase growth. Last year 7.1 million of juvenile fish were released  to the water.

Caspian Royal Fish with capacity 100 tons of fish, one ton of market caviar and  100 thousand pieces of sturgeon growth potential launched last year.

Moreover, 13 greenhouses with total area of 5.32 hectares, nine of which were commissioned in 2014 operate in Atyrau.