Cost loading on membership fee for holdings to be reduced in Kazakhstan by 25% and 50 %

“The NCE of Kazakhstan proposes to reduce the cost loading on the payment of mandatory membership fee for holdings by 25% and 50%,” Chairman of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Abylay Myrzakhmetov informed during the II Congress of NCE in Astana today.
Nur-Sultan27 January , 13:46

“More than one thousand enterprises have their own holdings structure. Thus it was decided to reduce the cost loading by 50 % for  100% holdings and  by 25%  -for  holdings with  50% structure,” the speaker stated.

By the way, organizations were more than a half of the personnel – people with disabilities will be released  from the membership fees at all.

Besides the Congress decided to reduce two half the mandatory membership fee for medium business.

According to the  NCE proposed grading contributions for subcategories are expected to reduce their minimum sizes by 50% for medium-sized businesses (from 80 MCI or 158,560 tenge) and  by 89%  -large business (from 505 MCI, or 100,910 tenge). Small businesses released from membership fees until 2019.

Kamila Amirova