NCE of Kazakhstan about reduction of obligatory membership’s contribution to medium-sized business (PHOTO)

On the sidelines of the II Congress of NCE National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan has proposed to reduce the amount of obligatory membership’s contribution for medium-sized business twice, Chairman of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Abylai Myrzakhmetov.
Nur-Sultan 27 January, 12:41

"In fact, the issue had been already discussed in the NCE of Kazakhstan. A working group was formed, which discussed it with the participation of associations until the first Congress. At the first Congress the approaches were described, we received the approval.

The issues were related to membership fees, graduation, which existed in the Law, and they were inflexible. According to the law only the Government could determine that flexibility, it was necessary to change the law", Chairman of the NCE said.

The proposed graduation of contributions will reduce their minimum amounts for medium-sized businesses by 50% (from 80 MCI, or 158,560 tenge) and big business - by 89% (from 505 MCI, or 100,910 tenge).

"We have almost reduced the nadir on the second category. That bottom limits have been reduced twice. In fact, we see, on this graduation 16,000 of 20 representatives of this category 7000 will pay by one half and 8000 will pay by one third large", Myrzakhmetov said.

Small business is exempt from obligatory membership’s contribution until 2019.

In addition, the National Chamber proposes to reduce the financial burden on pay of obligatory membership’s contribution for holdings by 25% and 50%, depending on their composition. At the same time, the Chamber offers to exempt fully from obligatory membership’s contribution the organization where more than half of employees - people with disabilities.

Kamila Amirova

Photo by Azamat Aliyev