Development of infrastructure

Over 86 thousand sq.m of housing to be built in Aktobe in 2015

It’s planned to commission 18 block sections of housing with 981 apartments with a total area of 59.3 thousand square meters in "Nur Aktobe" neighborhood, mayor Erkhan Umarov said during the meeting with the residents of Kargaly suburban village.
Aktobe27 January , 15:47

According to him, under the public-private partnership with "Samruk - Kazyna" the construction of three houses in "Eunice City" residential area has been already started. The area of the apartments will be 37 thousand square meters. They are also planned to commission this year. The construction of commercial property is also carried out actively.

"The increase in housing construction entails the necessity of construction of new engineering networks of heat, water, gas, electricity and sewerage. The work in this direction will be continued. Last year 34.8 kilometer of gas supply networks, 124.6 kilometers of power lines and 201 km of water supply were commissioned. As a result, 3 residential areas and 5 settlements of city subordination were provided with gas", the mayor summed up.